No, the Ultimate World Cruise won't be ending early because of Red Sea chaos

  • Rumors have circulated that the much-talked-about Ultimate World Cruise could end early.

  • Conflict in the Red Sea has sparked rumors that the route will be cut short.

  • Royal Caribbean told Business Insider that the ship plans to continue as scheduled.

Royal Caribbean confirmed it will not be cutting short its famed Ultimate World Cruise, the 274-night voyage around the world, despite recent rumors that have been circulating online.

The TikToker @aditaml2759, who has been documenting her time on the cruise since late December, posted a video on Tuesday saying she was hearing rumors about the cruise potentially ending in Los Angeles due to the conflict at the Red Sea and the Suez Canal. Their video has been viewed over 77,000 times.

The TikToker said it's "worrying" if these rumors are true and passengers are not yet informed. "We deserve to know," she added.

When reached, a spokesperson for Royal Caribbean International told BI that it currently has no plans to end the journey early.

"Royal Caribbean's Ultimate World Cruise will continue its current schedule as planned," the spokesperson said over email.

"The safety of our guests and crew is our top priority," they added. "In collaboration with our Global Security team, we continuously monitor the situation in the region and make any necessary adjustments. Guests will be notified directly of any changes."

The boat is still on the first leg of its journey, per the spokesperson, and will kick off its next leg in Asia in February.

Another passenger who's been posting his experience on TikTok, Anthony McWilliams, told BI that Royal Caribbean hasn't informed passengers about any potential diversions.

"There has been no official communication from Royal Caribbean about this concern but as passengers, we have been talking amongst ourselves and with Royal Caribbean," McWilliams said. "Similar to weather conditions impacting our itinerary, I feel confident that Royal Caribbean will have our safety and best interest at heart when making these sort of decisions."

In recent weeks, shipping vessels in the Red Sea have been attacked by Yemen's Houthi movement, prompting the US to send naval forces to support ships traveling through the Suez Canal. At least one cruise ship — the Silversea's Silver Moon, which the Royal Caribbean Group owns — has altered its planned route in the wake of the conflict, according to Travel Weekly.

TikTok has been rife with reporting about and from the Ultimate World Cruise, which began on December 10, 2023, and will end on September 10, 2024. Many spectators online are treating it like a reality TV show in live time, feverishly sharing clips and commenting on any drama that occurs.

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