A North Carolina animal shelter rescued a pair of best friends, a dog and a goat, and made sure they were adopted together

  • On March 13, an unlikely pair of friends were taken to an animal shelter in North Carolina.

  • Staff soon realized Felix the dog and Cinnamon the goat were inseparable.

  • Thankfully, a nearby farm agreed to foster them as a pair.

Cinnamon, a brown goat, and Felix, a black-and-white American-bulldog mix, couldn't seem more different. But as the staff of Wake County Animal Center in North Carolina found out, these two are actually bonded for life.

On March 13, the City of Raleigh Animal Control brought the duo to Wake County Animal Center after their owner was unable to care for them, and it immediately became clear to staff that the pair does everything side-by-side: They eat, sleep, and play together.

"Goats are social animals and so are dogs, so when they're put together —  it makes sense they would find friendship," said Wake County Animal Center Director Dr. Jennifer Federico, according to a press release shared by Wake County's press office.

"In many cases of inter-species friendship, the species are not normally seen together, and sometimes, one is of a species that ordinarily preys on the other in nature — whatever the reason for these two bonding, it's clear what would be best for their well-being is to keep them together," she continued.

felix and cinammon
Cinnamon and Felix.Wake County Animal Center

Staff soon learned they couldn't separate the duo

Cinnamon the goat followed Felix wherever he went, Federico told The Washington Post, and was "very upset — she was bleating and calling out to the dog" when they were separated. "She was so stressed and frantic that we realized this pair had to be kept together," she added.

Cinnamon and Felix's owner failed to claim them after 10 days, leaving the rescue center responsible for them, and staff knew they would have to find a way to rehome them together.

"It's a weird duo, but it works for them," Federico added. "Who are we to judge? They obviously love each other."

cinnamon and felix
Cuddling.Wake County Animal Center

The two gained internet fame when a Facebook page, Friends of Wake County, posted about them and their need for a new home on March 25.

"We have a VERY unique situation and we need your help to find a RESCUE who can take this bonded pair and find them the perfect home," the post said. "They are best buds and are truly bonded; they even sleep together and have been kept together 24/7 except when they eat."

The post was shared more than 3,700 times and dozens of animal lovers called the rescue to offer their help, according to Wake County's press office.

The best friends have now found a new home together

Thankfully, a foster family in Johnston County is taking both of these furry friends home. The family has a herd of goats perfect for Cinnamon, and they have previously fostered many dogs.

The new owner, Jacqui Bankes, told Wake County Animal Service, "We are so blessed to be able to foster Felix and Cinnamon! As their forever foster, we are excited to keep them together and also integrate them with our other goats and dogs, after appropriate testing and quarantine."

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