North Carolina mom born on leap day gives birth to daughter on leap day


A physician in North Carolina delivered her daughter on Feb. 29, the same day she was born 40 years ago.

How it happened: Dr. Kai Sun, a rheumatologist at Duke Health in Durham, and her husband, Michael Paik, welcomed their daughter Chloe at around 5 a.m. on Thursday, a leap day. In a video, Sun shared that Chloe's birth was supposed to be induced on Feb. 24, but they decided to wait a few more days.

"We had the silly idea. What if she is born on the same [day] as me, since this is a leap year?" Sun wondered.

The aftermath: Shortly after her birth, Chloe was taken to a pediatrician because she was breathing fast. But "everything checked out" and they have since been doing well, Sun told "Good Morning America."

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About her pregnancy: Sun, an assistant professor of medicine at the hospital, revealed that she had a miscarriage about a year ago, making Chloe’s birth even more special for them. She also dealt with other issues during her pregnancy, including "some abnormal findings" on the initial ultrasound, contracting COVID-19 herself and falling on her belly in her third trimester.

Sun on Thursday also turned 10 in leap years. She hopes to be discharged on Friday so she can introduce Chloe to her older siblings, Charis, 5, and Caleb, 3.

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