North Texas mayor resigns, says job is done: ‘Get in, figure it out, fix it, move on’

Mayor Michael Boyter of Bedford announced this week he is resigning the position he has held for nearly four years.

Boyter, 56, told the Star-Telegram that his reasons were personal but that he believed elected leaders should stay in the job only as long as they feel useful. His term expires in May.

He made the announcement during a city council meeting Tuesday.

“It truly has been an honor to be your mayor for the last four years,” Boyter said, holding back tears.

Boyter was elected in November 2019 to fill an unexpired term. He credited the leadership of the council, city manager and other staff for moving Bedford forward with fixing streets, finishing Generations Park ahead of schedule and within budget, and revamping a popular entertainment event that was sidelined by COVID.

“This is truly an organization of excellence…, ” he said. “I’ve always said that I don’t like politics as usual. To me, the problem with politics is that too many people run for the wrong reasons, and those that get elected stay beyond their effectiveness.”

Boyter said the council will work with the city attorney to move forward on filling the mayor’s position.

Boyter served on the council from 2012 to 2015 and was appointed in 2017 to a vacant seat. position.

Boyter told the audience at Tuesday’s council meeting that the city is in good hands and can move forward with projects such as remodeling the animal shelter, build a new fire station and eventually build a new city hall.

Bedford has refinanced debt and brought employees salaries in line with other cities.

“The purpose of running for office should be to fix problems and not just hang around to be a part of the ‘in’ crowd. Get in, figure it out, fix it and move on.”