Nothing will prepare you for the inside of this house for sale in Florida — seriously

A very interesting house that is on the Dade City, Florida, real estate market has gone viral thanks to its dramatically different interior.

The kicker? It’s actually affordable at $70,000.

But don’t judge the house based on its exterior because nothing could prepare you for what’s going on within its 744-square-foot inside.


Hopefully you’re a fan of wood.

“Are you eager for an escape, like a rural house on the water? Do you have a fondness for DIY? If your answer to one or both of those questions is, ‘Yes!’, then we have a property with tons of potential that you need to see,” the listing on says. “This mobile home sits on just over half an acre in Dade City on a canal that leads directly to the Withlacoochee River.”

The three-bedroom, two-bathroom interior was inspired by log cabins, the listing notes, so much so that you can practically smell the wood planks from the photos alone.


“Updates to the bathrooms have been made, as well, including a large soaking tub and a bidet,” the listing says. “A wide covered porch overlooks the big backyard; it would be an excellent spot for a patio set and a grill for summer barbecues. A large sauna awaits outside when you’re ready to steam the stress (of renovation) away. Out front, covered storage could double as covered parking.”

The listing has gathered a lot of attention on TikTok after the account @Zillowtastrophes featured the house. The creator flips through the photos and points out the unique aspects of the house — including twin, side-by-side toilets, strange looking bunk beds and, well, some wiring issues.

The house got mixed reviews in the comment section, with some people surprised by the vastly different inside.

I could work with it,” one person said.

“Them, building the bedroom: There’s so much extra room for activities!” someone noted.

“It’s… not as bad as I expected,” another commented.

“It looks like a hunting cabin of sorts,” one person said.

“The termites are gonna love this,” another joked.

“It gets more and more cool to me I’d love to live th(ere),” someone said.

Dade City is 40 miles northeast of Tampa.

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