How the Nova Scotia budget affects you

How the Nova Scotia budget affects you

After more than three years of keeping their fists tightly clenched around the purse strings, the Liberal government's latest budget has money for just about every area imaginable.

If you file income taxes:

- Basic personal amount increased by up to $3,000 for low and middle income Nova Scotians, effective Jan. 1, 2018. That means people making between $25,000 and $75,000 will get back, on average, $160 a year.

If you live in a rural area:

- $8.5 million more for rural high-speed internet access

If you use health-care services:

- $6 million for more collaborative care centres

- $2.4 million to recruit and keep family doctors

- $5.1 million for home care

- $3.7 million to get through more orthopaedic surgeries

- $3.2 million to enhance mental health programs

If you're a post-secondary student:

- $1.3 million to eliminate tuition for apprentices in technical training

If you're the parent of a child:

- $3.7 million to add 30 new Early Learning Centres for four year olds. That means space for roughly 750 children.

- $1.1 million to expand breakfast programs for every school

- $1.8 million to increase mental health supports for students

- $1.4 million for more school psychologists and speech-language pathologists

- $800,000 to support families with children with autism

- $440,000 for Maintenance Enforcement program to help get money from deadbeat parents

If you're a driver:

- $10 million to fix gravel roads

If you're a foster parent:

- $1.2 million for foster parents

If you're a businessperson:

- Small business tax threshold increased from $350,000 to $500,000

- $4 million to support start-ups

If you're a senior:

- $50,000 for internet and digital literacy training

- $3.2 million for food budgets and recreational programming at long-term care facilities

- $7.9 million more for the Seniors Pharmacare Programs