NYT Magazine writer resigns after signing anti-Israel letter violating company policy

An award-winning New York Times Magazine writer resigned from the publication Friday after signing a letter criticizing Israel’s war against Hamas in Gaza.

Jazmine Hughes, who had also previously worked as an editor for the magazine, signed the “Writers Against the War on Gaza” petition, which labels Israel’s war against Hamas in Gaza a “genocide.”

Jake Silverstein, the magazine’s editor, announced Hughes’ resignation in a staff message Friday, the Times reported.

“While I respect that she has strong convictions, this was a clear violation of The Times’s policy on public protest,” Silverstein wrote. “This policy, which I fully support, is an important part of our commitment to independence.”

Hughes previously signed another letter, along with other Times staffers, protesting the publication’s coverage of trans issues. The letter was criticized by Times leadership.

“She and I discussed that her desire to stake out this kind of public position and join in public protests isn’t compatible with being a journalist at The Times, and we both came to the conclusion that she should resign,” Silverstein continued.

Hughes declined a request for comment from the Times.

New York Times Magazine contributing writer Jamie Lauren Keiles, who also signed the petition, announced Friday that he would no longer be contributing to the publication. He said being affiliated with the Times harmed his writing.

“Sources were increasingly asking me to answer for what they understood to be shoddy coverage of BLM, trans stuff, israel,” Keiles, who noted that he is Jewish, said on X, formerly Twitter. “Though i love my editors and have always felt supported, i ultimately decided the institution was taking more from me than giving to me.”

“Nobody asked me to leave. [It] was a personal decision about what kind of work i want to be able to do. all this said, i standby my choice to sign the [Writers Against the War on Gaza] letter and pray for a free palestine soon.”

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