‘Oh my God, it’s on fire:’ Video shows mid-air cargo plane with flames shooting out of wing

A witness took video of flames shooting from a cargo plane in the sky on Thursday night before the aircraft came in for an emergency landing at Miami International Airport shortly after takeoff.

Melanie Adarosa, a bystander on the ground, shot the footage as she watched stunned.

“Oh my God, it’s on fire!” she said off camera. “Oh, it’s on fire! Mom. I hope they’re okay. I wonder if they’re doing a emergency. Oh, no. It’s still doing it. It’s still doing it.”

A spokesperson for Atlas Air told the Associated Press the aircraft landed safely “after experiencing an engine malfunction soon after departure.”

Atlas will conduct an inspection to determine the cause, AP reported.

Atlas Air said its crew followed all standard procedures, according to Scripps News.

The Boeing cargo plane, Air Flight 5Y095, was intending to travel to Puerto Rico when it experienced an engine malfunction shortly after departing from Miami International Airport, Scripps News reported.

A series of issues have recently plagued Boeing-made jets, including an incident when the door plug flew off a 737 Max 9 passenger plane this month, forcing a grounding of all Max 9 aircraft until they are deemed safe.