Olly Murs struggled to be alone after estrangement with brother

Olly Murs struggled to be alone credit:Bang Showbiz
Olly Murs struggled to be alone credit:Bang Showbiz

Olly Murs couldn't "sit in a room alone" after he became estranged from his brother.

The 40-year-old singer - who has six-week-old daughter Madison with wife Amelia Tank - famously fell out with his twin Ben when he missed his sibling's wedding to compete in 'The X Factor' semi-finals in 2009 and he admitted he has always found it difficult to be on his own.

He told The Times magazine: "When you’ve been in the womb with someone, you struggle with loneliness. I had to deal with it when my twin and I went on our separate lives.

"I was desperate to be around people, could not sit in a room alone.

"When I was single for three years, I had to learn to like my own company. That’s when I met Amelia."

The 'Dear Darlin'' hitmaker hailed his wife "the love of [his] life" and recalled how he quickly knew how strongly he felt for the bodybuilder.

He said: "I always thought that spark when you fall in love was a load of Disney rubbish. People would talk about that moment and you’d go, “Really?” And when it does happen, it’s not like it is in films, of course. When that person walks into your life and changes how you feel, you know. She’s gorgeous, the love of my life. We’re a good team."

Despite Olly's career success, his main goal for the future is centred around being a "great" family man.

He said: "My aim in life is to be a great husband and father — that’s where my future lies.

"I’d love my career to continue as it is, but when you get married and become a dad, you just want to be the best for them."

The former 'Voice' coach believes he has managed to stay grounded because fame didn't happen for him until he was well into his 20s.

He explained: "I was lucky that I didn’t get into the music business until I was 25, because that allowed me to learn who I was. I’d got jobs, lost jobs, had girlfriends, broken up with girlfriends, had a football career that was ruined by an injury, lived a proper life. I’ve managed to keep my feet on the ground."