One of Prince Harry's cousins is marrying Pippa Middleton's ex

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Here's something that could make royal family gatherings awkward: Lady Gabriella Windsor, a cousin of Prince William and Prince Harry, has just announced she's getting married... to none other than Pippa Middleton's ex.

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Lady Gabriella Windsor is the daughter of Prince Michael of Kent, first cousin of the Queen. My brain can't work out the exact relation between Gabriella and William/Harry, but what we can establish is that they're related.

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According to the Daily Mail's Royal Correspondent, Rebecca English, Buckingham Palace announced that Lady Gabriella got engaged last month to Thomas Kingston while on the Isle of Sark.

To most of us, the name Thomas Kingston means very little. But to those with insider royal knowledge (ie, Rebecca English) he is also known as one of Pippa Middleton's ex-boyfriends. Interesting.

So by my calculations, that means the familial dynamic is this: Prince William's grandmother's cousin's daughter is marrying the man who used to go out with his wife's sister. I mean, I'm not sure you could get more closely linked if you tried...

According to English, Tom dated Pippa back in 2011 (around the royal wedding time, huh), but as with most of these high society couples, it seems there's actually no awkwardness or animosity at all. Tom and Lady Gabriella (known as Ella) attended Pippa's wedding to James Matthews in May last year, so it's all cool by the looks of things.

Pippa is currently expecting her first child with James, thought to be due next month.

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Despite having royal blood, it seems Lady Gabriella doesn't move too closely in royal circles. According to the website of her mother, Princess Michael of Kent (remember, the one who caused controversy back in December because of that brooch?) 37-year-old Lady Gabriella has worked as a freelance writer after graduating from Brown University, and later doing a masters at Oxford. Currently, she works as a senior director for Branding Latin America.

Lady Gabriella's wedding to Tom Kingston is reported to be taking place in spring of 2019, where Pippa and her husband James will hopefully turn up with their baby in tow. How cosy.

And that concludes your lesson in Royal Family History for today.

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