One restaurant closed, only one failed in latest Arlington health inspections

One restaurant was closed and another failed in the latest Arlington health inspections, according to city data.

There were 59 inspections from Aug. 20-26.

Arlington inspections are based on a 100-point system. A 100 is a perfect score and a 70 is considered to be extremely poor.

Salata at 4100 South Cooper St. was closed, but was reopened two days later.

Golden Chick at 1800 South Cooper St. was the only restaurant to fail, scoring a 70.

Southern Recipes at 2715 North Collins St. scored a 74, the only other restaurant scoring below 75.

Re-inspections are required for restaurants that score 75 or below.

Twelve restaurants — including Southern Recipes — had follow-up inspections:

  • A-1 Plus Barbecue at 2214 South Collins St., 80

  • Panaderia Del Angel at 2105 Sherry St., 81

  • New York Eats at 604 Doug Russell Road, 84

  • Jaykusteaux Custom Cuisine at 1141 West Division St., 87

  • Rubi Restaurant at 941 West Pioneer Parkway

  • Waffle House at 2221 South Cooper St., 77

  • Golden Chopsticks at 1110 North Collins St., 78

  • Cheddars Scratch Kitchen at 4830 Little Road, 80

  • Vila Brazil Steakhouse at 2009 East Copeland Road, 87

  • El Pollo Regio at 2618 South Cooper St., 89

  • Braum’s Ice Cream at 4300 Little Road, 93

Here are the inspection scores and violations for restaurants within the city limits of Arlington for Aug. 20th - Aug. 26th, 2023. A score of 100 is a perfect score and 70 is considered to be extremely poor. Reinspections will be conducted for restaurants that score 75 or less. If serious health and sanitation violations are considered an imminent health hazard, the restaurant will be closed until the identified health hazard has been mitigated. To search the restaurant inspections, type in a restaurant name. You can also sort by score.