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Amazon is offering a $100 gift card if you pre-order the OnePlus 11

You can get the accessories you need for your new phone.

Mat Smith / Engadget

Are you considering the OnePlus 11, but want something to sweeten the deal? You're getting what you wish for. Amazon is offering a free $100 gift card if you pre-order the phone in any color or configuration by February 12th. That could be helpful for buying the Buds Pro 2 ($180), a case or other accessories you may need.

Pre-orders for OnePlus' latest flagship come with a gift card to help you buy accessories.
$700 at Amazon

The OnePlus 11 is, in some ways, a return to form for the brand. For just under $700, you're getting a fast, long-lasting phone with a vivid display and speedy 100W charging. The cameras are improved over its predecessor, too. Combine this with four years of major OS updates and you're getting a phone that can easily compete against some more expensive phones.

You're still getting what you pay for. While the OnePlus 11 is faster than the Pixel 7, its cameras aren't on par. There's no wireless charging, and you can't get more than 256GB of storage. If you mainly care about performance and battery life, though, OnePlus' device is difficult to beat at this price point — particularly if you aren't keen on importing phones like the Xiaomi 13 Pro.

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