Ontario great-grandmother wins $100,000 lotto jackpot, continues family's 'lucky streak'

The Sundridge, Ont. native is now looking to use her winnings in a way that only seems fit.

Grandmother holding a $100,000 lotto check.
"It's an exciting feeling," says Mona Wager after winning the Instant Suit Up's top prize. (Courtesy: OLG)

An 84-year-old mother, grandmother and great-grandmother is not the first in her family to win a lottery prize.

Despite that, longtime lottery player Mona Wager was surprised to see that a lottery ticket she purchased at a Stoney Lake Variety Store in Sundridge, Ont., would help continue her family’s “lucky streak.” While she loves to play a variety of games, an Instant Suit Up ticket was what led Wager to a top prize of $100,000.

“There have been some previous wins in my family,” said Wager while at the OLG Prize Centre in Toronto to pick up her win.

“I think we’re on a lucky streak!”

Following the win, Wager now plans to invest her winnings toward enjoying more of her life. She plans to invest in a new generator and give a portion of the win to her kids.

“I want to enjoy myself,” she said. “It’s an exciting feeling!”

Wager originally checked her ticket on the OLG App, and was stunned to discover that she had won the top prize.

“I never thought I would win this much,” said Wager.

She then immediately called her family to reveal the big news, who were also shocked to hear the news.

“I called my daughter and said, ‘I think I won $100,000,’” said Wager. “She initially thought I made a mistake, but after seeing the ticket, she was overjoyed.”

Wager’s prize came after she paid $5 a play in Instant Suit Up. The game is a scratch and win instant lottery game, which offers a $100,000 top prize by matching one or more of the lucky numbers to the numbers on your card. Odds of winning any prize are 1 in 3.96.

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