Ontario Liberal fundraiser with Kathleen Wynne picketed by OPSEU

Ontario Liberal fundraiser with Kathleen Wynne picketed by OPSEU

Kathleen Wynne managed to raise nearly $3 million for the Ontario Liberal Party at a gala on Wednesday night, but she also sparked the anger of hundreds of unionized provincial employees.

Wynne headlined the party's Heritage Dinner — a $1,500 a plate fundraiser held at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre — and delivered a speech focused on paying for major capital projects like new transit and highways.

"Everyone in this room knows, to build as we must, we need new dollars," Wynne said.

One revenue generator proposed by the government is selling off part of Hydro One.

But while Wynne praised the crowd inside, members of Ontario Public Service Employees Union rallied outside, chanting “shame, shame” at the premier.

The union, in a document distributed to members, accused Wynne of "partying with the one per cent" while asking the public sevice for another wage freeze.

The Liberals, the document said, “have given away billions more in tax cuts for big corporations … and after years of austerity, they are expecting public sector workers across Ontario to accept more wage freezes, cutbacks and concessions.”