Ontario runaway kangaroo caught after evading capture for four days

In a last-ditch attempt at freedom, the kangaroo struck a a Durham officer in the face

A kangaroo that evaded capture for four days after making a bid for freedom while in transit from Ontario to Quebec has been found safe and sound, Durham Regional Police said in a Monday morning statement.

Police say members of the Central East Division on "roo-tine patrol" — the same officers who received the initial missing kangaroo report — were deployed on a rescue mission after a sighting was reported early Monday morning.

"Officers were able to communicate with the kangaroo's handlers and successfully apprehended [the animal] at [approximately 6 a.m.] this morning," the statement reads.

Despite dodging police all weekend, the kangaroo appears uninjured, pending a check-up from staff at the Oshawa zoo.

The kangaroo was being transported with another kangaroo to Quebec on Thursday, and during a pit stop at the Oshawa Zoo and Fun Farm, handlers say when unloading the marsupials, she saw an opportunity for freedom and made a run for it.

A manhunt consisting of police and volunteers armed with nets combed the region, and even when being spotted on several occasions, could not be caught.

Videos of the kangaroo gallivanting as far as three kilometres from the zoo were posted to social media, garnering international attention.

Durham police say after locating the kangaroo Monday, they contacted animal control requesting best practices on capturing the unusual suspect.

"In terms of best practices when catching a kangaroo... I'm assuming they didn't put handcuffs on her or anything," quipped a CBC reporter when interviewing Staff Sergeant Chris Boileau.

After a briefing by animal control, it was determined the best practice of apprehending the kangaroo was by grabbing it by the tail, police say.

After closing in on the kangaroo, who at this point was cold and hungry, Boileau said in one last desperate bid for freedom, an officer was struck in the face by the kangaroo.

Durham Police capture runaway kangaroo
Durham Police capture runaway kangaroo

"She then received a ride in one of our K9 kennels back to the zoo where she is being examined," an update by Durham Police reads.

Social media reacts

The marsupial's jaunt around Oshawa over the weekend trended on social media, with users contributing some priceless responses.

One user questioned if it is considered a runaway when kangaroos move by hopping.

A kangaroo in Oshawa is about as rare as a monkey in IKEA, isn't it?

We can confirm that this is not a method recommended of capturing kangaroos on the run.

While many of the responses were humourous in nature, some users expressed genuine concern for the creature's wellbeing.