Oprah Confirms She Was in Negotiations to Buy the LA Clippers, Keeps an Octopus in Her Fridge | Video

Jimmy Kimmel asked the hard questions during an interview with Oprah Winfrey Thursday night. During a segment in which the ABC host asked Winfrey to confirm or deny several rumors about herself, the media icon revealed she was in negotiations to buy the LA Clippers, she bought Stevie Wonder a car and she does regularly keep an octopus in her fridge.

First, the Clippers: When Kimmel asked Winfrey directly if she wanted to buy the Clippers, Winfrey paused before saying yes. She then agreed with the late night host that she wasn’t interested in buying the team for the amount they later sold for. The basketball team was sold to Steve Ballmer in 2014 for $2 billion.

“It wasn’t just me,” Winfrey told Kimmel. “I was negotiating with David Geffen. David Geffen and I were partners.”

“Wow, that would been something,” Kimmel said. “They would have won, maybe.”

Though Winfrey confirmed that she did thank Stevie Wonder for performing at her 50th birthday by giving him a car, it wasn’t a Rolls Royce. “I thought it was a Maybach or something. Is that the same thing?”

When Kimmel looked shocked that the musician received a luxury German car for the gig, Winfrey shrugged. “He said he wanted it.”

“He was probably kidding,” Kimmel said.

“He said he wanted it,” Winfrey repeated. “He sent me a video of him driving it.”

Perhaps the most shocking revelation of the segment had to do with sea creatures. Winfrey confirmed that she keeps a whole octopus in her fridge on a regular basis. When asked why, she pointed to her longtime partner, Stedman Graham.

“Stedman loves octopus,” Winfrey said, noting that he eats it for breakfast “almost every day. That is a strange thing, isn’t it? And let me just tell you when you open that refrigerator and there is that octopus just sitting there, it’s a gross-out thing.”

Specifically, Graham starts his day off by eating octopus and okra. “Every morning when he’s eating it I say, ‘I believe you’re the only person who’s having this for breakfast right now,'” Winfrey said.

“He loves things that start with ‘o,'” Kimmel quipped to Winfrey’s delight.

As for the other rumors Kimmel asked about, no Oprah does not have an underground bunker, and her dogs are not set to inherit $30 million when she dies. And though she originally planned to be buried under the oak tree on her Montecito estate, that plan has changed after the tree fell during a big rainstorm.

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