Paris Fighting Off Citywide Bedbug Outbreak: ‘No One Is Safe’

Stephanie Lecocq/Reuters
Stephanie Lecocq/Reuters

The bedbugs are biting at just the wrong time in Paris, with city officials fearing a recent outbreak of the pesky insects could derail the city’s upcoming Olympic Games just as tens of thousands of tourists are set to descend on the City of Light. The bugs have taken over a number of private residences and even some public spaces, with viral videos showing the tiny creatures crawling on the Paris Metro, at movie theaters, and in the city’s airports. Clément Beaune, France’s transportation minister, said Friday he plans to meet with transport operators next week to discuss ways to rid the city of its growing bedbug problem to “reassure and protect” travelers using public transit. The city’s deputy mayor, Emmanuel Grégoire, said over the weekend that the problem is “widespread” and that “no one is safe” from the scourge. “You can catch bedbugs anywhere and bring them home,” he said. Next year’s Olympic Games are set to begin July 26.

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