Passenger falls out of hot air balloon after it slams into SUV in Arizona, feds say

A passenger in a hot air balloon fell out after it crashed into a parked SUV in Arizona, federal officials said.

The hot air balloon was flying in Page on Nov. 4 and made an “uncontrolled descent” after its double burner failed while about 75 feet in the air, according to an incident report by the Federal Aviation Administration.

The balloon ended up crashing into a parked SUV, resulting in a passenger falling out, officials said.

The balloon was carrying one crew member and two passengers, the FAA said.

The passenger who fell out suffered serious injuries, the incident report said.

Officials didn’t specify what caused the balloon’s burners to fail, and the investigation is ongoing.

Officials also did not disclose the passenger’s current condition.

Page is about 280 miles north of Phoenix.

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