Pat Sajak Gets Physical With Contestant In Wild ‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Moment

Pat Sajak tried to beat a wrestler at his own game after the contestant won big on “Wheel of Fortune.”

Fred Jackson ― a self-described professional wrestler, bar trivia host and drama teacher ― proved he is a man of many talents on Tuesday’s episode of the game show. He managed to pull off a perfect game, solving each of the show’s puzzles and winning the bonus round to walk away with $75,800.

As Jackson celebrated his victory onstage with his dad, Sajak showed off his own wrestling chops, jokingly pulling the contestant into a headlock. Jackson’s dad laughed as the melodramatic struggle played out. (Watch the moment at the 1:10 mark below).

Several viewers jokingly observed that the move Sajak “perfectly” executed was akin to one known as the cross-face chicken wing ― and were stunned that he had the ruthless maneuver in his back pocket:

“He got me, genuinely,” Jackson said in a post-game interview. “I was trying to counter his hammerlock that he had me in. I was trying to get behind him, and I wasn’t going anywhere.” He added that going on the show had been a lifelong dream.

Last week, Sajak caused a stir after he presented a fake fish to a contestant who said she had a fear of fish.