Paul Mescal Reveals Daisy Edgar-Jones Has His Beloved Chain from “Normal People”

After the chain amassed a "cult following," the actor auctioned off a similar one for charity, he previously revealed to 'Variety'

<p>Darren Gerrish/Getty</p>

Darren Gerrish/Getty

'Normal People' stars Paul Mescal and Daisy Edgar-Jones.

Paul Mescal’s beloved Normal People chain (that sparked a viral response from fans) is safe and sound — but not with him.

The chain, which belongs to his character Connell — and became an object of internet obsession shortly after the show’s 2020 release, along with Mescal himself — now belongs to his on-screen love interest and real-life bestie, Daisy Edgar-Jones.

The actor, 27, revealed the whereabouts of the necklace in a new interview with The Sunday Times after his interviewer asked if the chain he had on was the infamous accessory from the Emmy-nominated series.

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“It’s not the chain,” he revealed with a laugh, adding, “Daisy has that one.”

The chain was featured most prominently in the Hulu drama’s steamier scenes — which Mescal told the outlet he is still proud of.

<p>Enda Bowe/Hulu/Courtesy Everett Collection</p> Daisy Edgar-Jones and Paul Mescal in 'Normal People.'

Enda Bowe/Hulu/Courtesy Everett Collection

Daisy Edgar-Jones and Paul Mescal in 'Normal People.'

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The All of Us Strangers star previously reflected on the fan obsession with Connell's neckwear with Nicholas Hoult for Variety in 2020, revealing that he was auctioning off a similar chain for charity.

"At the start, when the chain had this cult following, you feel like you lose slight ownership of it," he told Hoult. "Then it becomes its own thing."

He continued, "Recently I was like, 'OK, what can I do to use this in some way that is beneficial?' I’m auctioning off one of the chains that I wear in real life that’s similar to Connell’s for a charity that deals with suicide and mental health, themes that are quite present in the show."

"It’s raised like 53,000 euros in like a week," he revealed. "And that’s suddenly when I feel like that is the real positive of having people who are interested in you, and your work, and what you have to say. There can be real good that comes out of that, and if it’s harnessed in the wrong way, real negativity. But yeah, that’s the craft."

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While discussing on his steamy scenes with Edgar-Jones, 25, in 2020, Mescal revealed to Elle UK that he “felt objectified after Normal People.”

"It's to be expected, given the intimacy of my scenes, but it doesn't make it easier," he told the outlet, adding that he receives "intense DMs" that he elects not to open.

But, at the time, Mescal admitted the attention is "not enough to put me off the industry."

Jon Kopaloff/Getty Paul Mescal.
Jon Kopaloff/Getty Paul Mescal.

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Months prior to his Elle interview, Edgar-Jones and Mescal opened up to PEOPLE about their “easy” on-screen and off-screen connection — the latter of which they have maintained since.

"I felt totally empowered and safe throughout the whole process," Mescal told PEOPLE at the time. "I think that is the key to getting sex scenes right on-screen. Because ultimately if me and Daisy felt insecure — and don’t get me wrong, they are difficult things to film — there’s an unnatural element to them, but ultimately, when the process makes you feel safe and creative and open, it’s gonna make the sex scenes better.

"And I think it’s important to represent sex accurately on-screen,” he added.

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Mescal said also said there “was a very easy connection between us,” and Edgar-Jones agreed “completely.”

"We got cast and we were lucky we had two weeks [of] rehearsals beforehand,” she told PEOPLE. “It was really funny, we laugh now but we were really polite with each other and very serious when we were first chatting, just because it’s a strange thing. And within the first week of filming we were both cracking up over the stupidest things. I think we have a very similar sense of humor, which is really good.”

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