Paul O’Grady’s husband Andre Portasio shares heartwarming post from their ‘last ever holiday’

Paul O’Grady’s husband Andre Portasio has spoken out for the first time since disclosing the news of the broadcaster’s death.

O’Grady died “unexpectedly but peacefully” aged 67 on Tuesday (28 March).

On Thursday (30 March), Portasio, 41, shared a photo of himself and O’Grady on Instagram.

In the picture, the couple can be seen smiling on a boat during what was their “last ever holiday together”.

Alongside the photo, Portasio wrote: “Browsing for a picture I found the last picture we ever took together. Unbeknownst to us back in January this would be our last ever holiday together.”

The former English National Ballet dancer added: “In time I hope to write to everyone individually and thank you for all posts, messages, phone calls, emails, cards and flowers of support.

“I much appreciate you all taking the time to reach out. I’m so very touched and I’m sure Paul would be too!”

O’Grady and Portasio began dating in 2006. They married in 2017.

Hours before Portasio posted on Instagram, O’Grady’s close friend, Linda Thorson, divulged that the TV presenter had died in his bed alongside his husband.

Thorson appeared on Good Morning Britain, during which she recalled some of her memories with O’Grady.

She said: “I can’t believe it. Just to hang up the phone and hours later for someone to die who was so happy. Full of life.

“But he died in his own bed. His husband was there, Andre, who he’s been with for so many years. The most divine man.

The Valentino star added of Portasio: “‘He’s only 41, Andre. He will be so bereft. He worshipped Paul. He gave a speech at Paul’s 60th birthday.”

Paul O’Grady (Multistory Media / Battersea Cats and Dogs Home)
Paul O’Grady (Multistory Media / Battersea Cats and Dogs Home)

Since his sudden death, numerous celebrities – including the Queen Consort, Camilla and Elton John – have shared tributes dedicated to O’Grady.

On Thursday (30 March), Eddie Izzard shared a heartwarming post remembering O’Grady as a “lovely” and “decent guy, who cared about people”.

Praising O’Grady’s infamous “mouthy housewife and sex worker” stage alter-ego Lily Savage, the comedian said: “I was struck by [O’Grady’s] ability to make anything comedic. He could just talk about whatever was in his head and get laughs.”

In his tribute for The Independent, Michael Hogan named O’Grady as one of British entertainment’s very best, writing: “O’Grady’s versatile career as a comedian, TV presenter, radio DJ and theatre performer means that there are few Britons whose lives he hasn’t touched.”