Pedestrian bridge work is happening in Thunder Bay

THUNDER BAY — Pedestrian bridge work is underway at select locations across the city.

Mike Vogrig, the city's project engineer, spoke about construction starting at George Burke Park.

"When [the parks department was] looking at the trail network, they found there was a big detour, say for any kids in River Terrace going to school or high school. This provides a more direct connection," Vogrig said.

Vogrig said materials were salvaged during work on the Edward Street bridge and are fit for use as a pedestrian bridge, saving on some new material costs.

He indicated that construction should be finished, or close to wrapping up, by the time school starts in the fall.

The cost of this project is connected to work being done at Marina Park, with a total budget of around a $1 million.

Work is also being completed behind River Terrace to eventually connect the two trails.

Katie Nicholls, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter,