"I Split Up With Him That Day": People Are Recalling The Horrible Thing Their Ex Did That Forced Them To Break Up

Before you break up with someone, there's usually a moment when you think, "Oh, this isn't going to work." So when Reddit user u/shazbotabf asked, "What was the exact moment you realized your relationship was doomed?" Many people shared their heartbroken stories. Here's what they had to say:

1."When he admitted, with a sigh of relief, that he had had sex with my sorority sister while I was gone for work. He immediately hugged me and told me how much better he felt. He knew that we would grow together from that point on. It was one of those movie moments where the camera should have panned from his relieved smile during the embrace to my dead eyes."

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2."I was at a party by myself and met a friend of a friend. Her: 'My boyfriend goes to your school!' Me: 'Oh, I probably know him, it's a smaller school!' Her: 'His name is [insert my boyfriend's name here]' Insta-dumpage. It got awkward when I had to sit right next to her at the same friend's wedding reception a few years later. It's always the dry weddings where you need the open bar the worst."


3."One of the moments that made me realize my first boyfriend was a dud was when I asked him why he never looked around before crossing the street, and he said if a car hit him, he'd just sue them and be set for life. I asked how he planned to do that with his body mangled, and he said he'd manage to roll over and look at the license plate. A real winner."

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4."When we were coming home from a date, he jumped into the bushes so his ex wouldn't see us together."


5."I was about six months pregnant, and we had a really bad ice storm. The power went out, so my fiancé asked me to go to his mom's because she had a wood burner, and it was freezing. He told me he would show up later and that he was going to put all the animals up (horses, pigs, dogs). Well, it was about four hours later that he still hadn't shown up and wasn't answering his phone, so I decided to drive over there; it was basically just down the road anyway. When I pulled into the driveway, I noticed my best friend's car was there. I remembered thinking that she must've come over to check on me. Well, we all know where this is going. I opened the door, and not only was the electricity on because we had a generator that I didn't know about, but there they were, butt-ass naked on the couch, bumping uglies. I'm now a very happy single mom."

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6."The phone rang from an area code eight hours away. It was her parent's area code, so I answered. 'Who the fuck do you think you are texting my girlfriend like you've been.' She had been dating this guy for four months while I thought she was recovering from heart surgery at her parents' house. We had been dating for four years. Both the other dude and I dumped her after a lengthy conversation. He seemed like a cool guy. I'd buy him a beer if I ever saw him."


7."When my first wife (now ex) said, 'If we have a baby, it will solve all of our problems.'"

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8."We would go weeks without seeing each other due to work or schedule conflicts, and I wanted to jump him at every opportunity when we were finally alone. He found that annoying. I hadn't seen him for almost a month, and when he picked me up for a date, I was very affectionate and offered to blow him in the car. He laughed and said, 'My drive was out of control,' and that 'maybe they have pills for that, in order to calm me down.' Screeeeeech. I'm out. I'm finally with a guy who matches my drive completely and is as wild as I am, and happily so! (I don't think I'm even wild; I am actually normal and blessed with a great love of sex.)"


9."When he was willing to spend $13.50 on a bucket of popcorn and a large soda for himself at the movies but couldn't buy me a bottle of water, that pretty much sums up the rest of the relationship. I just didn't realize it soon enough."

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10."I had been to a bar for a night out with friends and my girlfriend. We stopped over at my girlfriend's afterward. The following morning, I charged my phone, and my friends called. Their choice of words was, 'Get out of that house right now.' It turns out that after I had left the bar with my girlfriend, some girls approached my friends and said, 'You know that girl that your friend has just left with has a boyfriend?' To which they replied, 'Yeah, that IS her boyfriend...' She replied, 'No, I know who her boyfriend is; that's not him.'"


11."When my ex married someone behind my back. We went out for three years, and he married someone else. I found out the day before he was getting married. I called him and asked him, but he denied it. The next day, he was married. After that, I found out he was going out with this person for like a year, the same time he was going out with me."

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12."When I told him my dad was in the hospital following multiple seizures and he only said, 'That sucks' before changing the topic back to him and never asking how my dad was doing after."


13."It was not as dramatic as some, but I was helping him write a cover letter for his CV for an assistant manager's job. The store he was applying to had a unique start-up story, and he prided himself on this and the image it portrayed to its customers. His cover letter was basically, 'Here is my shit CV. Please consider me for the role.' That was it. He had no concept of selling himself, no concept of using the advert and job description to show how he had skills that correlated to the role. He didn't even bother to research the company. I sat there and walked him through the process. In the end, I practically wrote it for him by telling him what to say. And I realized that was the way it was always going to be: me supporting him through everything, helping him to take baby steps through life while he focused on his shitty band instead."

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"Instant loss of respect, and I split up with him that day (there had been other stuff, too, but that was the icing on the cake)."


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14."When my wife burst into tears one night saying, 'The only reason I married you is because you asked me.'"


15.And finally, "My girlfriend (at the time) said she was going out to a party with some people from work. She had even introduced me to one of her (male) co-workers that evening. I thought it a bit odd that I wasn't invited, but showing how self-confident I was, I didn't make a deal out of it and told her I'd see her later that evening. As the night grew later, I hadn't heard from her, so I went over to her place. She previously had given me a key to her apartment. The exact moment I realized was when I put the key in the lock, and I heard her voice exclaim, 'NO!' This was followed by her showing up at the door, stark naked. Ordinarily, this would be a good thing. But this was because I had interrupted her fucking the very guy she had introduced me to earlier that evening. But other than that, it was a great night."

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Have you ever experienced a particular time in your past relationship when you realized it was doomed? Tell us what happened in the comments below.