People Are Truly Divided Over This Iconic Zendaya Met Gala Look

Zendaya is, without a doubt, one of the Met Gala's most iconic and anticipated guests.

Woman in a fringed dress exiting a vehicle, sheltered by an umbrella, with a man behind her
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She killed it in 2015 when the theme was "China: Through The Looking Glass."

Zendaya in a custom gown with a black bodice and red skirt with silver accents on a gala event
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She looked stunning in 2017 when the theme was "Rei Kawakubo/Comme des Garçons."

Zendaya in a Dolce & Gabbana ball gown with a parrot print and off-shoulder detail at the Met Gala
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And she absolutely gagged the girls in 2018 with my personal favorite, her "Heavenly Bodies" look:

Person posing on red carpet in a metallic gown with cut-out details and draped elements. Photographers in background
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Woman in a sparkling gown with a high leg slit and ruffled shoulders on the Met Gala red carpet
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But one look is waaaaay more polarizing than I thought, and the discourse around it has taken over my timeline.

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It's her 2019 Cinderella look.

Zendaya in a silver gown with light-up feature and stylist Law Roach in a blue suit at a fashion event
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The theme of that Met Gala was "Camp: Notes on Fashion"

Woman in an avant-garde, puffed-sleeve gown at a gala event
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Some people loved it.

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Other people... not so much.

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I had no idea people felt so strongly about this one.

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This person called it one of the top 10 worst red carpet looks of all-time.

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Another person said they hated every single thing about it.

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This person went so far as to call it a "crime" against fashion.

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Not everyone is such a hater, though!

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"I think I'm the only one who likes this dress," one person said.

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"They're saying this was a flop when she was actually one of the few that got the theme right," another chimed in.

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Ultimately, I like anything that lights up.

Elsa from Frozen in a live-action setting wearing a futuristic gown with structural shoulders and a luminescent skirt
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Let's see what she brings tonight...

Two individuals at an event, one in a voluminous silver gown, the other in a blue outfit, with photographers in the background
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