Perdue Farms Joins Forces with Feeding America to Leap Day by Donating 2.7 Million Servings of Chicken Across the U.S

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Leap Day, or Feb. 29, is an exciting rarity we only get to experience every four years. But with an extra day in the year, families across the country have to battle the big problem of putting food on the table.

Responding to the need, Perdue Farms, a leader in the food and agriculture industry, has teamed up with Feeding America to tackle the heightened food insecurity challenge that further impacts families with an extra day this Leap Year.

The company will deliver over 70 tractor trailer loads of its No Antibiotics Ever chicken across the U.S., providing 3.3 million pounds of chicken, or roughly 2.75 million servings.

This donation from Perdue Farms arrives just in time to alleviate the increasing hunger concern families struggle with everyday.

Kevin McAdams, CEO of Perdue Farms said, “Perdue Farms remains unwavering in our mission to help nourish communities experiencing food insecurity. We understand there are great challenges these families face, especially with the addition of Leap Day. We are committed to alleviating hunger across the country and, as a 104-year-old food company, providing essential protein to those in need.”

Perdue and Feeding America hope their actions will inspire other companies and individuals to make donations to their local food banks this Leap Day.

Learn more about Perdue Farms’ commitment to nourishing communities in need and the history of their partnership with Feeding America, through the company initiative Delivering Hope To Our Neighbors®