Peter Andre planning to take family to Australia to be with sick mum

Peter Andre, Princess Andre, Junior Andre and Emily MacDonagh
Peter Andre is planning to take Princess and Junior to Australia along with wife Emily MacDonagh and their children Theo and Amelia. (Getty Images)

Peter Andre has revealed he is planning to take his family to Australia "for as long as possible" to be with his sick mother.

The singer and reality star – who is father to Junior, 17, and Princess, 15, with ex-wife Katie Price, and Amelia, eight, and Theo, five, with wife Emily MacDonagh – is looking at school term dates to make his trip possible.

Andre, 49, wrote in his New! magazine column: "If it all goes to plan, it'll be December and we'll all be going to Oz as a family.

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"We want to get out there as soon as we can and stay for as long as possible, but it's tricky with the kids' school. They have different timings, which makes it complicated."

The Mysterious Girl singer grew up in Australia and his mother Thea, 86, and father Savvas, 89, still live there.

Peter Andre and Emily MacDonagh with their children Theo and Amelia in 2020.
Peter Andre and Emily MacDonagh will take Theo and Amelia with them to Australia in December. (Getty Images)

Andre revealed: "Mum's struggling at the moment. She's not doing great. She's suffering a bit and declining. It's sad when they've been together so long that age is getting on top of them.

"I was with her a few months ago. We've just got to be with her as much as possible. It's just age. She's got all sorts of things going on now."

The singer travelled to Australia with teenage son Junior in March 2022 and spoke of his joy at being reunited with his mother, father and sister for the first time in two years since the coronavirus pandemic.

Marking his parents' 67th wedding anniversary on Instagram he reflected: "Happy 67th wedding anniversary mum and dad. Love you both with every bit of my heart. I feel happy and sad posting this.

"Happy of course that they have achieved 67 years of marriage together but sad that age is taking its toll and mum especially is really struggling.

"I always pray for your health, both of you. I also pray that I can be even half the parent to my children that you both are to me."

Junior and Peter Andre arrive at the Nordoff Robbins O2 Silver Clef Awards 2022.
Peter Andre took son Junior to Australia in March 2022. (Getty Images)

Andre spent a week in Australia in February 2020 with his two eldest children Junior and Princess.

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In January 2021, he revealed he had begged the Australian embassy to allow him permission to visit his parents during lockdown.

However, he reportedly did not fit the criteria.

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