PHOTOS: Boisterous severe storms pelt southern Ontario with hail, winds

PHOTOS: Boisterous severe storms pelt southern Ontario with hail, winds

The spell of heat and humidity that greeted the start of meteorological summer in Ontario came to its inevitable conclusion on Friday as strong to severe thunderstorms swept through the region.

One vigorous storm aimed right for Toronto proper, leaving commuters dodging small hail and strong wind gusts throughout the city.

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(Baron) Toronto Thunderstorm June 2 2023
(Baron) Toronto Thunderstorm June 2 2023

A ridge of high pressure that fostered days of 30-degree temperatures and sultry humidity started to break down as the week drew to a close. An advancing cold front provided the lift and trigger needed for thunderstorms to flourish in the unstable air parked over the region.

The potent pop-up storms that rolled through the Greater Toronto Area weren’t alone. Folks across eastern Ontario and parts of southern Quebec also dealt with numerous strong to severe thunderstorms on Friday afternoon and evening.

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A much nicer pattern will settle across Ontario as we move into the first weekend of June, with abundant sunshine and cooler temperatures bathing the region.

Check out some of the storms that rolled through parts of southern Ontario on Friday, below.

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