Photos: California devastated by deadly wildfires

At least 31 people are dead and 228 others are unaccounted for in a wildfire that wiped out a swath of Northern California over the last few days.

The Camp Fire destroyed nearly the entire town of Paradise, Calif. last week. The death toll from that blaze stands at 29, and matches California’s record for deaths in a single fire, authorities say. More than 6,700 buildings have been destroyed in that fire, according to AP.

Two people were also killed in a wildfire in Southern California that’s destroyed homes in the Los Angeles suburb of Malibu. Some of those who’ve returned home to discover their houses razed to the ground by the Woolsey Fire include Miley Cyrus, Neil Young and Gerard Butler.

More than 150,000 people are still displaced throughout the state because of the fires, according to AP.

Here are some photos from those blazes.