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The Barho family arrives in Canada

Members of the Barho family are shown upon arrival in Canada on Sept. 29 2017, at the Halifax airport.
In a brief interview from the hospital, Imam Wael Haridy of the Nova Scotia Islamic Community Centre said they had fled to Canada to escape the civil war in Syria.

PHOTOS: Fire claims the lives of seven Syrian children in Halifax

In the early morning hours of Tuesday, Feb. 19, 2019, a fire raged through the home of a Syrian refugee family who settled in Halifax. All seven children who lived in the home died as a result of the fire, while parents Ebraheim and Kawthar Barho survived.

The Barho family first came to Canada in fall 2017, and their children were reportedly adjusting well to new lives in a new home, according to CBC News.  The entire Halifax community is in mourning as they work to support two people who’ve lost everything.

Three-month-old Abdullah; Rana, 2; Hala, 3; Ola, 8; Mohamad, 9; Rola, 12; and Ahmed, 14, all were lost after the fire.

Here is a look at the lives that were lost and how the community is coping and rallying around the Barho family in the aftermath.