PHOTOS: Snow piles up in Ontario as roads deteriorate from 'super-squalls'

PHOTOS: Snow piles up in Ontario as roads deteriorate from 'super-squalls'
PHOTOS: Snow piles up in Ontario as roads deteriorate from 'super-squalls'

Prolonged snow squalls are continuing to batter parts of southern Ontario this weekend, resulting in worsening road conditions and collisions in some regions.

Multiple squalls are tracking through different areas Saturday, namely Niagara region, parts of cottage country and the eastern side of Lake Ontario. Some of them face an additional 30-40 cm of snow before they finall dissipate, so people are urged to keep the snowblowers and shovels ready.

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The setup will be conducive for one or more "super-snow squalls" to develop, potentially measuring an impressive 500+ km in length.

Niagara region is being impacted hard, in particular, with Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) responding to an accident earlier Saturday morning.

It's safe to say this scene will play out in other regions being impacted by the snow squalls. Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECC) is urging people to consider postponing non-essential travel until conditions improve.

Road closures are possible this weekend. If you must travel, keep others informed of your schedule and destination and carry an emergency kit and mobile phone.

Some of the totals from the multi-day event are starting to pour in. Wiarton, Ont., has already reported 66 cm from Thursday night to Saturday morning. Part of that total brought the community its snowiest Nov. 18 on record since 1947 (44 cm), enough to rank it as the city's third-highest total ever seen in one day. The two snowiest days for Wiarton are Jan. 31, 1982 (51.4 cm) and March 21, 1983 (45.5 cm).

Snow squalls will finally begin to ease off in Niagara and eastern side of Lake Ontario Saturday evening, but another lake-effect band is expected to move in overnight in the Georgian Bay region and continue through Sunday.

Below are just a selection of the visuals of the ongoing storm making the rounds on social media.

WATCH: Cottage country gets blasted with snow

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Thumbnail courtesy of Keith Watts/Twitter, taken in Welland, Ont.