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Pickup trucks ranked by resale value

Pickup trucks have long sat atop the best-selling vehicle list in the United States, with the Ford F-Series taking the overall crown for, oh, the last 42 years. And once 2019 comes to a close, Ford will be able to extend that streak to 43 years. Still, as popular as pickups are in America, they depreciate just like any other vehicle, albeit at a slower rate overall than passenger cars.

“Pickup trucks depreciate the least of any vehicle segment at 42.7 percent,” according to iSeeCars CEO Phong Ly. The site analyzed millions of new vehicles sold in 2014 to find out which ones retain the most value after five years of ownership. “The lower depreciation for pickup trucks is likely because of their durability and their popularity, which keeps their resale values high," said Ly.

Here you'll find all the pickup truck models (not including heavy duty models) sold new in 2014 ranked by the amount of value they retain five years after their initial sales date and ordered from last place to first. Note that the images you'll see representing each truck in this gallery are of their latest versions, but the data applies to the 2014 model year. That means only models that were on sale in 2014 are included in this list, so recent additions like the Ford Ranger and Jeep Gladiator are not represented here. The order of this list will fluctuate from year to year as new generations of vehicles replace older models — that said, past performance on the used vehicle market remains a good predictor of future performance.

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Pickup trucks ranked from worst to first in resale value

We rank all pickup trucks from worst to first in resale value. Find out which trucks depreciate the most and the least.