Piers Morgan Bans ‘Total Loony’ Laura Loomer From ‘Uncensored’ Over Screenshots She Posted of Exchange With Producer

Laura Loomer is running out of things from which to be censored – and now she’s also censored from “Piers Morgan Uncensored.”

The conservative political activist, self-described investigative journalist and former congressional candidate from Florida raised heck Tuesday on X when she was apparently approached to appear on – and then subsequently bumped from – Piers Morgan’s “Uncensored” talk show for a Monday hit about the results of the Iowa caucuses.

“I JUST GOT CENSORED BY @piersmorgan for his show called ‘UNCENSORED’! Wow. This is absurd.,” she wrote on X.

Loomer, who has worked for right-wing activist organizations like Project Veritas and InfoWars – and been banned by everything from Facebook and Instagram to payment and food-delivery apps along the way – brought receipts from the exchange with Morgan’s booking producer.

“Yesterday @piersmorgan’s producer contacted me and asked me to come on his show today at 3 pm EST to talk about the Iowa Caucus results,” she continued. “This morning we made arrangements for them to send a TV crew to record me live in Iowa. 5 minutes ago, his producer called me and said they had to cancel me today because they wanted to interview Anthony Weiner instead. That was a lie, because they bumped me for @RonDeSantis surrogate Bill Mitchell … to talk about the Iowa Caucus, and I’m sure they will trash me on the interview. Here’s the screenshots to prove it!”

Loomer did, in fact, post those screenshots.

“This is so unprofessional @kieronmirch, and it is proof that @piersmorgan is too scared to have me on his show, so he invited a deranged DeSantis supporter on instead,” Loomer posted. “Maybe Piers will grow a pair of balls and have me on to speak truth about Iowa and President Trump. But, he clearly is scared of getting LOOMERED on LIVE TV. RECEIPTS!”

Those “receipts,” or screenshots of her exchange with Morgan’s producer, apparently broke the TV host’s “golden rule.”

“Hi Ms Loomer, I pulled your hit because I think you’re a complete loony,” Morgan wrote in response. “And now you’ve broken my golden rule … publicly attack my brilliant team & print screenshots to embarrass them, and you get a lifetime ban from the show. Bye!”

While the “Bye!” stood as a full stop, Loomer continued to disparate Morgan as Tuesday wore on:

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