Who is Piranha on The Masked Singer UK? The clues and hints so far

The Masked Singer UK final is here, with super sleuths Davina McCall, Mo Gilligan, Rita Ora and Jonathan Ross tasked with working out the identities of the three remaining celebs behind the costumes.

The hit ITV show, hosted by comedian Joel Dommett, returned on 30 December when the first six characters were introduced to viewers.

In their first appearance, Piranha faced off against the confident Chicken Caesar.

Piranha was noticeably shyer than their rival. Piranha’s video opened in an underworld water. “It’s pretty scary being underwater, other piranha’s snapping at you,” he said.

“I dream of getting away, with plenty of fish in the sea, I’d rather be elsewhere. Somewhere with more stablity.”

“It’s no laughing matter. It’s so much safer out here.”

Piranha was seen running around a fairground, fleeing clown faces and ghost rides.

“This place is just petrifying,” he said. “Not to mention I’m terrified of what you’ll think when you get to look at my singing.”

Piranha on The Masked Singer (ITV)
Piranha on The Masked Singer (ITV)

Piranha proceeded to sing a magnificent rendition of “It’s All Coming Back to Me Now” by Celine Dion.

Ross joked that it could be American actor Steven Seagal due to Piranha’s pronunciation of “Seagull”, but admitted he had no idea. Ora said Piranha was one of the best vocalists they had on the show, and wondered if it was jazz-pop singer Jamie Cullum.

McCall joked that her initial guess was Yvette Fielding, but wondered if it was US singer Jordan Knight from New Kids on the Block. Gilligan thought it could be British singer Sting.

On social media, fans were much more certain about Piranha’s identity. Many viewers were convinced it was McFly singer Danny Jones, pointing to the hint about “Motion” (in the ocean), his past playing for England in Soccer Aid (England was in white on the map), and the four clowns in the fairground (four members of McFly).

Piranha’s clue was: “Piranhas are hungry, piranhas do bite, but I’d rather munch popcorn on this special night.”

In week three of the competition, Piranha’s clues included hand soap and performed Bruno Mars’s “Treasure”.

Gilligan used the “soap” clue to guess that the mystery celebrity wasformer Boyzone singer and Coronation Street star Keith Duffy, while Ross thought that Piranha might have prior singing experience and could be Gaz Coombes from the rock band Supergrass. McCall thought it was American singer Donnie Wahlberg, while guest judge Jennifer Saunders thought it would be Marti Pellow.

Mo Gilligan guessed Piranha could be Boyzone singer and Coronation Street singer Keith Duffy (left, onstage with Ronan Keating) (PA Archive)
Mo Gilligan guessed Piranha could be Boyzone singer and Coronation Street singer Keith Duffy (left, onstage with Ronan Keating) (PA Archive)

Piranha’s week three clue was: “This is now the second time I’ve fallen out with the jocks,” and “I’ve gone to the nurse’s office again, it’s like 2005 all over.”

Later clues included a Brazilian-Portuguese English dictionary, a sketchbook, and a guidebook to fish in the Amazon.

“It must be a world record. The others ha-ha at this piranha. I’ve got to get myself into gear and show I’m a different...kettle Whoa! What was that?” they said.

“Is this a dream? Is this a fantasy? I don’t want to get caught just yet...”

The week five item clues included a fortune teller, the words “puzzling” and mysterious“, a Stop and Go sign, and a magpie.

“It doesn’t take much to get my knees knocking... and my body rocking, but this is fin-tastic,” Pirhana teased.

“Standing up in front of the dads and mums, daughters and the rest, I’m not letting stage fright freeze me in place. Waah! A piranha’s usually less barker, more biter. But I’m such a nervous fish, I should see a doctor to master my fears.”

They added: “There’s still a fair way to go. My goal is to just keep swimming. Please give me your love tonight. Not another seagull! Me no likey!”

Whoever triumphs in the final will join previous winners including Charlie Simpson, Joss Stone, Natalie Imbruglia and Nicola Roberts.

The Masked Singer final airs on ITV at 7.20pm.