‘Playful’ sea creature rockets out of water next to boaters, California video shows

The people on the boat did not expect this. Yes, they were hoping to see a whale while on the water that day, but this encounter was special.

A humpback whale, swimming close to the whale watchers’ boat off the California coast, was feeling whimsical.

The group spotted the whale and, just as they thought it was going to dive deep below the ocean surface, it did the opposite. The giant mammal rocketed out of the water, twisting its body and flopping backward into the water in a dramatic splash.

“Oh my gosh!” the passengers say in a video posted by the company, Capt. Dave’s Dana Point Dolphin & Whale Watching Safari.

Humpback whales are known for being one of the most playful, acrobatic creatures in the sea, according to oceanadventures.com. They are also known for their music, singing songs during mating season that can be heard from 20 miles away.

Their lively surface behavior make them the most exciting to watch.

“Humpback whales are living proof that you should never be off your guard while whale whatching,” the company wrote in a post on Facebook.

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