Toronto police have noted an uptick in snow removal scams

Toronto police have noted an uptick in snow removal scams
Toronto police have noted an uptick in snow removal scams

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The Toronto Police Service has issued a public alert regarding a surge in snow removal fraud.

In a recent statement, authorities said scammers are using social media platforms to promote fake snow removal services. Prospective clients are asked to pay in advance, and the suspects never show up to perform the service.

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Preventative measures

Toronto police recommend:

Being cautious about payment.

Residents should be cautious when a snow removal company demand full payment upfront. Legitimate businesses typically follow a standard practice of receiving payment upon the completion of services. Any deviation from this norm should raise red flags.

Doing your research.

Avoid making impulsive decisions when hiring snow removal services. Take the time to check out online reviews and talk to references when possible.

Sticking with reputable companies.

Choose a reputable snow removal company to mitigate the risk of a scams. Selecting established and well-reviewed businesses increases the likelihood of quality service and provides a level of trust and reliability.

Getting a contract.

Obtain a written contract before hiring a snow removal service. The document should outline the scope of work, payment terms, and other pertinent details. A comprehensive contract is a legal safeguard, ensuring both parties understand their obligations.

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