Police officer sacked after regularly having sex while on duty

Kate Ng
Craig McGlasson

A police officer has been dismissed for gross misconduct after having secret sexual encounters on a regular basis while on duty.

Cumbria police welcomed the sacking of PC Matt Simpson, who admitted to arranging multiple late-night liaisons with a woman he was having a “casual relationship” with between 2014 and 2016.

The woman, identified as Miss X, told the police misconduct hearing Mr Simpson “didn’t even take his pants off properly in case he had to rush off”.

Mr Simpson, 29, insisted he only saw Miss X after his shifts were over, but she told the hearing in Penrith he visited her “more than 20” times when he should have been working.

He would arrive to see her wearing a hi-viz jacket, a body camera, handcuffs, baton and Taser device, the panel heard.

According to local newspaper The Mail, Miss X said the relationship was kept quiet and added: “He would turn his radio on loud when we were having sex in case his collar number got called out.”

The officer, who had been with the force for six years, was also found to have breached standards of professional behaviour by using his police computer systems to search for information about her because he was “personally curious”.

He also used his personal mobile phone to store and share information and images with his colleagues without authorisation, and kept sensitive police material at home.

The panel also heard of Mr Simpson’s good service record and positive testimonials, but said they did not outweigh their “confidence in Miss X as a truth-teller”.

“He was paid to work and serve his community, not to do what he did with Miss X,” said panel chair, Nicholas Walker.

“She had no reason to lie and we find that she has not.”

Deputy chief constable for Cumbria Constabulary, Mark Webster, said: “In this instance, it is clear that the actions of PC Simpson fell far below the standard we expect and he has rightfully been dismissed for gross misconduct as a result.

“I welcome today’s outcome and hope the result from this misconduct hearing displays to the public that where an officer or staff member fails to uphold the standards expected, they will be held accountable.”

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