Community mourns after Wilkie education worker's body discovered Tuesday

1 year after fatal crash, RCMP charge C.B.S. snowmobile driver

The suspicious death of a local teaching assistant from Wilkie has left people in the small town in shock and disbelief. 

Heidi Veit is being remembered by friends and students as a woman dedicated to her school, her students and her community. 

"She would make everyone smile. When it was cold out and I didn't have a ride, she would take me home," Sierra Desjarlais said in an online message. 

Desjarlais is a former student at McLurg High School where Veit worked as an educational assistant.

On Tuesday police converged on the Rural Municipality of Buffalo, five kilometres northeast of Wilkie after reports of a "suspicious sudden death."

Friends later confirmed the victim was Veit. 

So far, no charges have been laid in her death. 

In a news release, RCMP said they are searching for Wesley John Veit — a man they believe may have information about Veit's death. Police say the two were known to each other.

On Tuesday afternoon, RCMP were still asking the public to avoid the area in the RM where the body was found. 

Helen Urlacher described her friend as a devoted mother and member of the local wrestling community in Wilkie who was always willing to help out students in need. 

"She patiently and in her own way helped each and every single student that ever had the honour of knowing Ms Heidi Veit," she said in an online message.

Urlacher said she spoke to her friend just four days ago and that nothing seemed amiss.

"Nobody had any idea something like this was going to unravel ... something so awful to such a great person," she said.

RCMP are asking anyone who knows the whereabouts of Wesley John Veit not to approach him and to contact police.