Police step up presence on LRT

Edmonton police are increasing their presence on the city's LRT system this week.

Over four nights, riders will see police working with transit peace officers patrolling trains, stations and surrounding parking lots.

The campaign was launched in response to crime statistics and concerns raised by transit users.

"We want people to feel safe. We want people to be safe," said acting Staff Sgt. Brent Dahlseide. "That's the message we're trying to send out. That they're not alone in their riding. We tried to pay attention to the concerns that they brought forward."

The police presence was reassuring to rider Al Fokkema, who said that he and his wife were hesitant about taking the LRT downtown in the evening.

"Gives you confidence when you see the gentlemen downstairs in uniform," he said. "It's a huge difference."

On the first night, police arrested a dozen people for things like drug offences and breaching conditions. The teams also handed out 52 tickets and summons for bylaw infractions auch as having no proof of payment on the train.

The campaign started on Wednesday and will wrap up on Saturday night.

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