Pop-up shop aims to make retail space accessible for young artists and entrepreneurs

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Pop-up shop aims to make retail space accessible for young artists and entrepreneurs

Some young Island artists and entrepreneurs are finding creative ways to sell their products, including a Pop-up shop at the Confederation Court Mall.

The three day store is being organized by The Hive and Ellevate, two programs that work with young Islanders.

Katharine MacDonald, program coordinator at Ellevate, said the project is designed to help young artists and entrepreneurs get their merchandise in front of the public.

"We wanted the people who are wanting to started businesses have a chance to test run their ideas," said MacDonald.

MacDonald also said it can be difficult for young Islanders to access retail space.

"A lot of the available spaces downtown are quite large and not particularly affordable," said MacDonald.

"A lot of spaces in town require a five year lease and that's just not something a lot of young people are willing or can commit to."

A safer business model

Bruce Rooney, who runs Island Rock Camps, a music-themed summer camp for kids, said events like this help promote his business on a new platform.

"It can just be difficult getting something like this off the ground," said Rooney. "With us being experts in music, we don't necessarily have all the skills to operate a business effectively. That can be quite challenging," he said.

MacDonald said the temporary store front can be a safer business model for young artists and entrepreneurs who are just starting out.

"Those market style events have drawn people in because they have this fleeting chance to meet the makers and see what's out there," she said.

"I think the pop-up gives young people a chance to see customers, meet customers, show off their product in a way that's a low risk investment."

The Grove Pop-up shop runs from March 23 to March 25.

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