Porsche North America sets a delivery record in 2022

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Global demand for luxury cars increased significantly in 2022. After Bentley, BMW M, Bugatti, Lamborghini and Rolls-Royce, Porsche has announced that its North American division set a new delivery record in 2022, while its global deliveries increased by 3% compared to 2021.

Porsche delivered a record-breaking 70,065 cars in the United States in 2022. In comparison, the company's 2021 deliveries checked in at 70,025 units. It's a razor-thin margin but it's a record nonetheless. Fourth-quarter deliveries grew by 14% over 2021 to 20,955 units.

Unsurprisingly, the Macan took the top spot on the sales podium with 23,688 deliveries in 2022, a slight drop compared to 2021 (24,716 units). Second place went to the Cayenne (21,194 deliveries, up from 17,299 in 2021) and third place went to the 911 (10,204 deliveries). This marks the second year in a row that 911 deliveries cross the 10,000-unit mark and a 2% improvement over the 10,042 units delivered in 2021. The Taycan, Panamera and 718 duo round out the chart with 7,271, 4,224 and 3,484 deliveries, respectively, and all posted a decline compared to 2021. All told, these are great results in a year marred with supply chain-related problems and various delivery delays.

Globally, Porsche delivered 309,884 cars in 2022, up from 301,915 in 2021. Annual deliveries fell by 2% to 93,286 units in China, its largest market, due in part to COVID-related lockdowns. As a trade-off, deliveries in Europe increased by 7% to 62,685 units. The Cayenne remains Porsche's global best-seller with 95,605 deliveries in 2022, followed by the Macan (86,724 deliveries) and the 911 (40,410 deliveries). Fourth place goes to the Taycan (34,801 deliveries) followed by the Panamera (34,142 deliveries) and the 718 duo (18,203 deliveries).

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