Pricey Ferrari left hanging as elevator malfunctions at Florida dealership, officials say

A Ferrari somehow got vertically parked in the elevator shaft at a Florida car dealership, and it took the fire department to get it out, according to Palm Beach County Fire Rescue.

Photos shared on Facebook show the “ultra-pricey sports car” suffered tens of thousands of dollars in damage when it landed on its back end.

“A car elevator malfunction caused a car to hang in the elevator shaft,” the fire rescue team reported Jan. 31.

“Crews had to first mitigate a fuel leak. This involved setting up portable standpipes and cutting the power to the business. Once the leak was mitigated, Special Operations worked with (a towing company’s) new rotator wrecker to remove the car.”

It took about four hours to raise the car and pull it out, using “multiple 50,000-pound winches” and a 45-foot boom, the department said.

By then, its back bumper was dragging the ground and both rear wheel houses were in shreds, photos show.

A damage estimate was not released. The car appeared to be Ferrari Roma, a two-door coupe with a top speed of 199 mph and a base price of $243,360, according to Car and Driver.

The crash happened while a customer was taking their car to a third-floor parking garage, a dealership staffer wrote on Facebook.

“Scary day at our Ferrari store but nobody was hurt and the fire department did a great job,” the post said.

“When the car got about half out the elevator gave way. The driver got out and the car was holding up the elevator but it finally gave way and pulled the car into the shaft area.”

West Palm Beach is in coastal Palm Beach County, about 70 miles north of Miami.

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