It’s prom season in Modesto. High school students: Please don’t drink and drive | Opinion

Don’t drink and drive

Suspected drunk driving collision in Modesto sends one to hospital in critical condition,” (, Feb. 7)

Local high school juniors and seniors now have several activities to look forward to. James C. Enochs High School, for instance, will have their prom on April 20. I missed many teenage joys, like prom, because a drunk driver hit me when I was 16 in 1992.

I graduated in 1993 in a wheelchair with hearing difficulties. After 32 years, my hearing is still damaged. I am used to daily challenges, but I am trying to prevent others from facing this.

No one wants to live with these difficulties — I guarantee it. Believing you can drive like a pro after a beer or two is foolish. I’ve been trying to make that clear for over 15 years. Unforeseen injuries or death can come to yourself and others if you are not sober when driving.

Teenagers have a long road ahead of them. If you are drinking, please designate a sober driver first. It is the best choice for all. Drinking and driving can bring a dead end to their future, as well as others.

Lori Martin


Helping the needy

Senator Says the Bible Doesn’t Need Donald Trump’s Endorsement,” (, March 31)

If you are a MAGA Christian (an oxymoron), you have an opportunity to help defray the millions of dollars convicted sexual predator and draft dodger Donald Trump owes to his ever-growing catalog of lawyers. For $59.99, you have the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to purchase your own Trump Bible.

Instead of using this money to feed the homeless, improve the schools or help the sick and elderly, take this MAGA opportunity to foolishly line the bottomless pockets of the truly needy: Donald J. Trump.

Your chosen one, the orange Jesus, gives thanks to all those “Christians” who willingly toss their money into the narcissistic abyss of Trump’s ego.

Brooks Judd



Think again

Senator Says the Bible Doesn’t Need Donald Trump’s Endorsement,” (, March 31)

Donald Trump — the chronic pathetic liar and the biggest crook in American history who would make Al Capone look like a choirboy and who reneged on every loan made by American banks — for president? The man who was caught on tape saying it’s okay to grab women by their genitals? Who calls Mexicans drug dealers and rapists and Muslims terrorists? The man who idealizes dictators like Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong Un? Who wants to pull us out of NATO?

Alan Seliger


Life-saving actions

A mom of a nonbinary teen became an anti-trans activist, fracturing a California family,” (, April 4)

I remember the whole fuss around transgender people and which bathrooms they should use during the Obama administration. My daughter’s comment was, “they just want to pee.” My response to this article is similar: “they just want to be.”

Lily, the non-binary teen featured in this piece, is happily living their life while their mom is foaming at the mouth and claiming they were coerced into transitioning.

Nobody called mom on her birthday? Well, mom should take a good, hard look in the mirror. Every person of good conscience should oppose Mom’s for Liberty every way they can: Run for school board; speak at board meetings; and oppose book bans. A life may depend on it.

Dawn Wolfson

Cameron Park

Dahle doubts new technology

CA goes all in on unproven offshore wind farm technology,” (, April 5)

District 1 State Sen. Brian Dahle is not ready for “unproven” offshore wind in California and wants us to fight it. Good thing he wasn’t around to oppose airfields after the Wright Brothers; we might have lost two wars. Without public funding, the interstate highway system, strategic bridges, flood control structures, schools, hospitals and public utilities would not have been possible.

He causes me to recall Congressman Doug LaMalfa’s insistence “that solar-generated electricity doesn’t work.” But my all-electric 3,265 square-foot home with solar has averaged $45.23 monthly across nine years.

Wind turbine technology is mature. It’s advancing fast, and the offshore method has been effective in Europe for decades. What remains is to let the engineers perfect the deep water anchorage of ballasted turbines. Port development will be critical, but Dahle would kill this program in its crib. The federal government has approved it and so should we.

Bill Martin


Condemn Israel’s actions

Obama aides say Biden isn’t exerting enough pressure on Israel. ‘Outrage does nothing’,” (, April 4)

In continuing to arm Israel, the U.S. has become complicit in Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s relentless siege of Gaza, which may include war crimes such as the killing of tens of thousands of civilians; the wholesale destruction of civilian infrastructure and forcible relocation of millions; and limiting and interfering with the delivery of humanitarian aid to Gazans, now causing widespread starvation.

We must pause all arms sales to Israel.

In addition, Israel’s bombing of another nation’s embassy in Damascus must be condemned as a violation of international norms. Israel’s attack on an Iranian consular annex building is a provocation that appears intended to provoke retaliation and a further escalation of violence in the region. If the U.S. does not condemn Israel’s strike, it would appear to be condoning such attacks.

Richard and Maisie Conrad