Purr-fect Timing: Cat Climbs Out of Claw Machine After Man Wins Soft Toy

A man who won a soft elephant toy in a claw machine at a gas station in Nioaque, Brazil, couldn’t help but laugh when a sleepy cat climbed out of the machine as he went to retrieve his toy.

Campo Grande resident Rider Soares da Silva and his wife, Paula, were eating at the gas station while on a road trip when Rider noticed a claw machine and decided to test out his luck.

Rider won a plush elephant and after the toy dropped, a ginger house cat surprised the couple by climbing out of the machine.

Speaking to Storyful, Rider said he later found out the cat is owned by the gas station and is usually found sleeping in the claw machine.

“He is well cared for, well fed, and very cute,” Rider said. Credit: Rider Soares da Silva via Storyful