Quaden's family declines Disneyland trip to donate money to charities

Story by Nadine Carroll

A fundraiser to send Quaden Bayles to Disneyland has exceeded expectations with more than US$470,000 raised to send the 9-year-old on the holiday of a lifetime.

But his family has turned down the offer and instead wants to donate the money to charities who they say desperately need it.

Last week, Quaden captured hearts around the world when a video of the aftermath of him being bullied was live streamed on Facebook.

In the video, Quaden, who was born with a common form of Dwarfisim called Achondroplasia, looked to his mum, with tears streaming down his face and announced he wanted to die after an incident at Carina State School in Brisbane.

Quaden’s mother, Yarraka Bayles, released the video to show what her son deals with daily.

The fundraiser to send Quaden to Disneyland has raised more that $470,000 but his mother says she wants to donate it to charity. Source: GoFundMe

American comedian Brad Williams, who also has dwarfism, started the GoFundMe page to “show Quaden and others, that there is good in the world and they are worthy of it” and thousands of people jumped at the chance to put a smile on Quaden’s face.

Quaden’s aunt, Mundanara Bayles, told NITV News the family have been overwhelmed with the support they have received for the nine year old and as much as he would love to go to Disneyland, they want to focus on the bigger picture.

"We've had seven kids at the Murri School in Brisbane, where I am on the board, take their lives in the last ten years,"Ms Bayles told NITV.

Quaden’s family said they have been overwhelmed with the support they have received, Source: GoFundMe

"We want the money to go to community organisations that really need it. They know what the money should be spent on, so as much as we want to go to Disneyland, I think our community would far off benefit from that,” Ms Bayles explained.

The family is currently speaking with Mr Williams to organise how the funds will be spent, as the GoFundMe terms and conditions state that “all donated funds will be used solely for the purpose you have stated on and in connection with your campaign, and under no circumstances may you use the funds for any other purpose.”

Mr William’s did add a disclaimer of some sorts on the fundraising page, stating that “after all the flights, hotel, tickets and food is paid for, any excess money will be donated to anti-bullying/anti-abuse charities.”

Quaden’s family have named Dwarfism Awareness Australia and Balunu Healing Foundation as two charities they would like to see the excess funds go toward.