Quiz: Do you know these famous Canadian women?

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    Cannot access the results. What are they?
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    Lucy Maud Montgomery should have been the one on the 10.00 bill, not some so-called activist who fled to the U.S. to avoid prosecution. Black woman my Royal Canadian adze.. I am darker in the summer and my ancestors are Scandinavian!
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    CPU MD
    Kim Campbell and Marianne Clarkson? Pah! What about Jean Sauve for heavens sake.
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    So a quiz with no results at the end. I only recognized three names. And boy could they have picked a more horrible photo of Kim Campbell. Also I would hardly call her famous.
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    I've never heard of half these women. And where are my results?
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    Most great achievements through history, good and bad, have been accomplished by men. That should surprise nobody given the nature of the relationships between the sexes for the first 5,000 years of human history.
    Trying to pretend that historically women have achieved things worthy of studying in anywhere near the proportion of men is more than politically correct, it is stupid.
    Don`t teach things women did just because they are women (or because it is February and they were black). If it is worthy of study, then great. But if it wouldn`t be studied if a white man had done it, then drop it.
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    Artists, and politicians what a bunch of losers.