Ralphie the 'Demon' Dog Finds 'Perfect Adopter' and Is a 'Reformed Terror' After Training

The Niagara SPCA revealed on Friday the shelter's staff found who they "believe is Ralphie's perfect adopter" after looking through over 700 applications

Niagara SPCA Facebook
Niagara SPCA Facebook

Ralphie the "demon" dog is now a "reformed terror," according to the Niagara SPCA.

On Friday, the New York animal shelter posted on Facebook that the French bulldog — famous for being notoriously difficult to adopt out — is going to a new home.

"Well, it's time to reveal Ralphie's next adventure. After reviewing 700+ emails, speaking with several dozen potential adopters, and sending applicants on to Ralphie's trainer to review, we found who we believe is Ralphie's perfect adopter," the Niagara SPCA shared.

Animal lovers started to follow Ralphie's journey in January when the Niagara SPCA posted on Facebook about the "demon" canine resident, who was notorious for being "a whole jerk- not even half." The hilariously honest social media post went viral, leading to an outpouring of support for the pup.

Several weeks after Ralphie snuffled his way onto the scene, he was adopted. Unfortunately, the pairing didn't work out, and the French bulldog's new pet parent decided to return the canine to the Niagara SPCA.

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"While the adopter had the right household dynamic, Ralphie proved to be more than she could handle," the shelter explained on social media. "Kudos to her, though, for making the right decision."

Niagara SPCA Facebook
Niagara SPCA Facebook

To prevent Ralphie from getting surrendered again, the Niagara SPCA sent Ralphie to a training program with YourEveryDayK9 before seeking out new adopters.

At YourEveryDayK9, Ralphie worked with trainer Chris Fiels, who also owns the business. While Ralphie had a checkered past, Fiels warmed to the dog quickly and saw plenty of potential.

"I first noticed a lot of confidence and curiosity. He walked in, looked right past me, and just wanted to check everything out. Which in my eyes, is a very good sign," the trainer told PEOPLE.

"First behavior I had to address was his attention span. Ralphie is a very motivated dog but was acting like a kid fresh out of a candy store. Each day his attention to me and the task grew more focused each session," Fiels added.

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Over several weeks Ralphie worked with Fiels and progressed through his training program.

"Towards the end of the first week, you could see improvement in his engagement skills and desire to work with a human," Fiels said, adding that he and Ralphie focused on "structured work, walks, proper play, and socializing."

Now Ralphie is doing "very well" and is ready to continue his progress with his new family, according to the dog's trainer.

"His new owner will take things slow like I did at first to build a similar relationship," Fiels said.

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"Ralphie's new family will help him by just simply providing the proper structure and making sure he meets his physical and mental needs," he added. "He is a strong-willed dog, like most bulldogs, but under the proper guidance, he will thrive and live a very fulfilling life."

Ralphie's new pet parent is a dog owner named Jason, the Niagara SPCA shared in its Facebook post.

"Ralphie joins Jason's pack tomorrow. He'll live with another Frenchie, a Daschund, and a German shepherd. Jason is uniquely qualified because both his Frenchie and Daschund had bite histories before living with him," the shelter wrote.

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Jason is also an ideal match because he "trains dogs for a living for the Department of Energy in Tennessee. His own personal dogs have super active and enriching lives — running marathons, and placing in agility and flyball. Jason is exactly what Ralphie needs."

The Niagara SPCA concluded their happy update on Ralphie's future with a sweet send-off to the pooch.

"We wish our tiny, reformed terror all the best, and we look forward to hearing about all of his adventures," the shelter wrote.

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