Raptors’ Serge Ibaka rips Trump over 'Nambia' slip up

Raptors PF Serge Ibaka was just as confused as we were with President Trump’s reference to African country of “Nambia.” (Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)

While President Trump appears to know very little about the geography of Africa, Congo-native Serge Ibaka knows quite a bit.

So when Trump erroneously made reference to the non-existent country of “Nambia” during a recent UN luncheon with African leaders, Ibaka was quick to poke fun at the ever-bumbling president.

Trump, of course, was referring to Namibia, a country in southwest Africa that borders with Botswana. For anyone else this is simply an innocuous slip of the tongue, but because it’s President Trump, this gaffe is open season for a frustrated populace that has grown tired of the president’s inaccurate rhetoric.

While many people chimed in with their takes, Toronto Raptors fans got a kick out of Ibaka’s comment on social media. Aside from being an African native, Ibaka is a proud participant of the Giants of Africa campaign, which has created a successful youth basketball program for kids showing interest in the game. Toronto’s big man seems to have drawn some inspiration from President Trump’s latest facepalm moment.

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