RC truck speeds across water without sinking

Screenshot from YouTube.

Normally, if you accidentally drove your toy truck into some deep water, it usually meant you could kiss it goodbye.

But it just so happens that this particular piece of remote-controlled technology packs some serious power under the hood, enough to actually drive across a lake without any serious repercussions.

That was the case at a May 9 event that took place in Las Vegas where one serious gearhead managed to somehow actually hydroplane his RC truck.

With a quick rev, the tiny truck can be seen speeding out onto a lake as water billows behind it in a YouTube video published Monday. Not only does the small toy manage to avoid sinking, but it also makes several laps around the lake to show off the miniature vehicle’s capabilities.

The videos description reads, “Incredible RC truck miraculously walks on water! It can even steer and pull wheelies!”

The crowd watching it all unfold seems to eat it all up as they cheer on the RC truck operator’s high-speed manoeuvres before the vehicle eventually makes it back to dry land safe and sound.

Now the only question that remains is how many prototypes of this beast of a toy car are currently sitting at the bottom of the lake.