‘Reacher’ Season 3 Will Be Based on Lee Child’s ‘Persuader,’ Maria Sten to Return

“Reacher” is coming back. And now we know a little more about his next adventure.

Prime Video has confirmed that the third season of the streaming series, which is currently filming in Toronto, will be based on Lee Child’s novel “Persuader.” And what’s more, Maria Sten, who plays Frances Neagley, will return alongside Alan Ritchson.

“Persuader” was of the Reacher novels to be narrated in the first person and was originally released in 2003 (it was the seventh Reacher novel penned by Child). According to the official logline, “Reacher must go undercover to rescue an informant held by a haunting foe from his past.” The novel is set in Boston, which makes the Canadian filming locations more acceptable than Season 2, which was based on a novel (“Bad Luck and Trouble”) set in Los Angeles and Las Vegas, which became Manhattan and upstate New York in the show. But hey, we love our tax incentives.

The show, like the novels, follows Reacher (Ritchson), a former military cop who now wanders America with his toothbrush and his debit card. Most of the time when he gets off the bus, he stumbles into a mystery, and takes care of it the only way Reacher knows how – with his wits and his fists (which are, according to the books, either the size of dinner plates or catcher mitts).

The first two seasons have involved mysteries that connect with Reacher’s past, which seems like it will continue with Season 3, perhaps as a way of including Neagley (a former colleague). But the standalone adventures of Reacher are very fun too and hopefully the series will be more willing to engage with that aspect of the source material going forward.

While the first season was popular, especially for those Reacher super-fans who loved the books and the Tom Cruise-led movies, the second season really took off. Season 2 of “Reacher” was the #1 title on Prime Video worldwide across both series and movies in 2023 during its premiere weekend (based on viewership). The series’ global audience grew 50% between seasons in the first three days after the second season’s debut on Dec. 15, 2023. That’s pretty good. Even for Reacher.

Both seasons are currently available on Prime Video, with Season 3 on the way.

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