Readers pick Gord Downie for Canadian newsmaker of 2017

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    voted by who?
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    I get Mr Downie's contributions although I never cared for his music and found it aggravating. It just seems another platform for Trudeau to show his emotional side which is going to do absolutely nothing for us.
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    Who was he ?
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    I loved the sounds of the song "New Orleans Is Sinking". It has many very distinctive musical vocals and riffs. That's the only reason I knew the group's name was Tragically Hip. Then Don Cherry says the group is from Kingston, Ontario, Canada. Then I heard of Gord Downie. Overall I do not understand the national interest.
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    I venture to say that the border is the number one story of the year, but the CBC doesnt like talking about things that "the populous" are concerned about.
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    yeah, I don't think so.
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    the newsmakers of 2017 are those 3rd world people illegally crossing over into canada via the USA
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    That just shows how shallow the society is. Before being diagnosed with the terminal brain tumour he never even came close to be a newsmaker of the year or anything else of significance. It took his much publicised battle with cancer to achieve that.
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    While I wish no bad feelings for the man he had nothing newsworthy for me. I didn't follow his music and I didn't agree with his politics. I guess he was in the sunni-ways crowd, and that's enough for me not to like him.
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    Can we please stop hearing about this guy now? Please? We found out he was sick, yes it was sad, but then they hyped it up and exploited that for the next year. Then we were supposed to be shocked when he passed away, yes, very sad again, but everyone knew it was coming. They were and 'ok' band, but certainly not even close to the best that's come out of Canada. Then the aboriginals got involved, and hyped him up even more. He's resting in peace, now let the rest of us do the same please.