Readers pick Gord Downie for Canadian newsmaker of 2017

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    voted by who?
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    I get Mr Downie's contributions although I never cared for his music and found it aggravating. It just seems another platform for Trudeau to show his emotional side which is going to do absolutely nothing for us.
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    “I thought I was going to make it through this, but I’m not. It hurts.”

    I guess it hurts, losing your spot on Social Media
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    Who was he ?
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    I loved the sounds of the song "New Orleans Is Sinking". It has many very distinctive musical vocals and riffs. That's the only reason I knew the group's name was Tragically Hip. Then Don Cherry says the group is from Kingston, Ontario, Canada. Then I heard of Gord Downie. Overall I do not understand the national interest.
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    I venture to say that the border is the number one story of the year, but the CBC doesnt like talking about things that "the populous" are concerned about.
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    yeah, I don't think so.
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    the newsmakers of 2017 are those 3rd world people illegally crossing over into canada via the USA
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    That just shows how shallow the society is. Before being diagnosed with the terminal brain tumour he never even came close to be a newsmaker of the year or anything else of significance. It took his much publicised battle with cancer to achieve that.
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    While I wish no bad feelings for the man he had nothing newsworthy for me. I didn't follow his music and I didn't agree with his politics. I guess he was in the sunni-ways crowd, and that's enough for me not to like him.